About Us

“Over 6O Years of Quality Tradition From
Our Kitchen to Your Home”

Where We Came From

Old Fashioned Kitchen, Inc. began business from a small storefront in Brooklyn, NY in 1951 manufacturing and selling 5 varieties of fresh blintzes to local bakeries and distributors. These first blintzes were made on an eight-burner stove salvaged intact from the kitchens of a local hotel that was being demolished. The cost was $26 in labor for the removal. The new Old Fashioned Kitchen entrepreneur not only sold blintzes but also helped in the kitchen and made deliveries as well.

Who We Are

Each member of our management team has over 15 years of experience with Old Fashioned Kitchen. Most of our employees are long-term with many having generations of family members who have also worked for Old Fashioned Kitchen. Since 1951, emphasis has been placed on utilizing natural and healthy top quality ingredients. All production is under the strict supervision of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America, whose OU seal appears on all packages. We offer a delicious selection of healthy and easy to serve frozen products – Blintzes, Potato Pancakes, Pierogies, as well as Dessert Crepes. Check out all of our products in our Products section.