Cheese Blintzes

A delicious blend of all natural ingredients wrapped in a light crepe. Great as a main dish, side dish, appetizer or tasty snack.


No Trans Fat
No Artificial Flavors

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5 reviews for Cheese Blintzes

  1. Sharon Russell

    These blintzes are delightful I would make these for my children years ago I’m so happy I found a good quality blintzes keep them coming

  2. Michele Vanarman

    After the local deli closed I thought Good store bought blintzes would not be found. Golden Products are delicious. So glad they are available through Giant Direct. Thanks to the Chef.

  3. Jancie W

    Love the cheese blintzes, easy and delicious! Our go to Sunday brunch. Thanks for such a consistently great product and getting them to Tucson, AZ. 😋

  4. M.S.

    I just wanted to send along a thank you for keeping up with the quality of the Cheese Blintzes that I have been enjoying for many years. I’ve been enjoying them for countless years with just a bit of grape jelly on them – euphoric at best!

  5. Linda Lyles

    Best Blintz EVER!!! No one carries them anywhere. I was buying a case or 2 at a time for 200$ but now I can’t even get them from the Food Service Company 🙁

    • oldfashionedkitchen

      We’re happy to hear that you love Golden Blintzes so much, Linda! One of our team members will be emailing you soon to help you locate them in your area.

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